East Coast C-Cerpants



Volunteering is a great way to be involved. There will be an opportunity to be an official, volunteer at swim meets, help support team-sponsored events, and contribute to ECCC initiatives throughout the year. We appreciate everyone's support and efforts to be as actively involved as possible.

SWIM MEETS: Volunteers are always needed at meets, but not always required unless:

  • Requested by the meet host to support the venue.

  • ECCC is the host club of the meet.**

  • Your swimmer qualifies for championship or elite meets. In those cases, parents from each session are likely required to fill jobs specified by the meet host.

  • Swimming distance events, such as the 400 free, 500 free, 400 IM or mile.

    • Swimmers will most likely be asked to provide both a timer and a counter for the event. Please be aware of this and make arrangements in advance. See the coaches if you are unable to fulfill this requirement.

​ECCC HOSTED SWIM MEETS: We ask that all our families support our hosted swim meets. ECCC hosts a handful of swim meets each year. The meets are always a part of our posted team swim meet schedule so you can "Save the Date". There will be a variety of positions to fill and the team will send out sign-up notices for positions in advance. In addition to working at the meets, we offer opportunities for families to support the hospitality room offered at the meet.

ECCC SPONSORED EVENTS: When ECCC is involved in community-based events, all families will be provided with the opportunity to participate. All events will be communicated via the team website and available in your personal account.



*If ECCC cannot meet volunteer requirements at meets, the team will not be able to compete and no refunds for meets fees will be made.

**All volunteers of any ECCC hosted function are required to review and agree to the terms of the Minor Athlete Abuse Prevention Policy (MAAPP 2.0). Written agreement is a condition of service with the ECCC Swim Team.