East Coast C-Cerpants



There are several components to every swim member’s fees associated with enrollment to the East Coast C-Cerpant Swim Team.  All of the team finances are processed through the Team Unify online team website.

Facility Fee:  There is a monthly facility fee paid direct to the facility location for practice.  All ECCC registrations require that our members are actively enrolled at the facility location that holds practice. This may require families to execute and maintain separate facility agreements with the facility’s payment terms.  

  • Kennedy Fitness & Wellness, Medford NJ:  Facility fee for pool and facility use associated with the ECCC program only is $40/month.  Fees will be collected via Team Unify platform.  
  • Ocean City Aquatic Center, Ocean City, NJ:  Please view membership rates here.  Facility fees for this location are paid direct to Ocean City Aquatic Center.

Team Dues:  There is the membership due paid direct to the team.  These fees support our team costs, coaching support, and facilitate the team’s attendance at various competitive venues.  Costs associated with team registration will be made available on the team website.  Costs are varied based on group assignment and season.

Meet Fees:  For those members that elect to compete with our team there are costs associated with meet entry. Fees are outlined at the time of registration for each particular competition.  Please refer to the Meet Section of this guide for additional meet payment details.

Event Fees:  Several times a year there are hosted team events.  Sometimes there are costs associated with these events.  Costs will always be disclosed when events are advertised

Annual Athlete Registration:  All families are responsible for an annual team registration fee upon enrollment and every year thereafter upon renewal for each swimmer.  This fee covers the cost of the required ECCC team suit and annual administration/processing fees associated with each swimmer.

  • All swimmers must have a current USA Swimming (USAS) registration in order to participate in practice and team events.  USAS payment and registration/transfer is due prior to the start of first practice. Registration is now handled directly with USA Swimming online and is the responsibility of each family enrolled in the program.

​​For more details on the team payment policy please refer to the ECCC Team Policy Guide in our Team Documents section.